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Bikes are getting low on stock but still some great ones left! List updated July 8 (click read more)

hybrid / comfort

Linus Roadster sport 3spd copper large SALE $599

Linus Roaster classic 1spd rosewood black large SALE $499

2021 Trek Verve 1 low step white medium and large $640

2021 Trek Verve 1  black or orange medium and large $640

2021 Trek Verve 2 low step red or charcoal medium and large $820

2021 Trek Verve 2 low step charcoal X-large $820

Lots of 2020 BMX's in Stock!

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2020 models as of June 10

.Sunday Blueprint 16 - surf blue

Sunday Primer - 20.5 hot pink, 20 toothpaste

Sunday Primer 16 - toothpaste

Sunday Primer 18- grape soda

We the People Nova - white, apple green

We the People Curse - black, metallic purple

We the People Curse Freecoaster - black

We the People Arcade - 21" black

Radio Dice 16" - black, neon green

Radio Dice 18" - black, neon green

Radio Revo 18" - black, red

Fit Series One- trans teal

Fit Street - mint

Fit Street XL - gloss army

Current store operations

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The shop is OPEN ! but still operating under winter hours for now. Due to being so busy, a record spring for weather and cyclists there is a delay for repairs, Currently we are only accepting repairs on customer bikes, to focus on and support the bikes that customers purchased at Pedal. Doing our best to respond to emails and voicemails. To help with congestion we are limiting the amount of people in the store at a time. Thank you!


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