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2018 Salsa Beargrease NX1 carbon 27.5" Fat Bike $2799.99

2018 salsa beargrease nx1 carbon fat bike


2018 Salsa Mukluk NX1 alloy Fat Bike $2499.99

2018 salsa mukluk nx1 alloy fat bike


2018 Rocky Mountain Suzi Q C70 27.5" Fat Bike $3999.99

2018 Rocky Mountain Suzi Q C70 Fat bike

2018 Rocky Mountain Suzi Q A50 27.5" Fat Bike $3199.99

2018 Rocky Mountain Suzi Q A50 27.5" Fat Bike

2018 Rocky Mountain Suzi Q A30 27.5" Fat Bike $2349.99

2018 Rocky Mountain Suzi Q A30 27.5" Fat Bike

2018 Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10 Fat Bike $1349.99

2018 Rocky Mountain Blizzard 10 Fat Bike





Timberjack GX1 27.5+


Timberjack is Salsa’s aluminum hardtail mountain bike that’s equally at home pushing the limits on singletrack or bikepacking to places you’ve yet to discover.  Timberjack features fast-handling geometry, and clearance for either 29” or 27.5+ wheels and tires. Super short chainstays aid in nimble scrambling; up, down, and in and out of turns. Alternator Dropouts facilitate diverse drivetrain setups and emergency ‘just gotta get back to the trailhead’ gearing.

Easy-to-get-to-know, multi-talented, and always eager, Timberjack has all the qualities you’re looking for in a trail ripping pal.

Timberjack GX1 27.5+ charcoal and silver   $1999  

salsa timber jack 27.5+ gx1 silver

salsa timberjack gx1 27.5+

Timberjack NX1 29 blue   $1499  

salsa timberjack nx1 29

Cutthroat Apex 1 orange / red / black    

salsa cutthroat apex 1


Fargo gx matte cream    

salsa Fargo gx



Also the Salsa Woodsmoke, Bucksaw, Pony Rustler, Horsethief, Spearfish, El Mariachi, Deadwood, Fargo & Cutthroat

rocky mountain

Rocky Mountain Suzi Q, Thunderbolt, Instinct, Element, Vertex, Pipeline, Fusion, Soul, Sherpa, Blizzard & Altitude

2017 Rocky Mountain Fusion complete line in stock. 910, 920, 930, 940  - from $769

rocky mountain fusion 940


2017 Rocky Mountain Growler 740 27.5+  - $1499

rocky mountain growler 740


Surly Karate Monkey, Krampus, Troll, Ogre, Ice Cream Truck, Moonlander, Wednesday & Instigator




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