The NEW 45NRTH tires have arrived!

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Pedal is stocked up huge on Fat Bike tires. The new Flowbeist & Dunderbeist 4.6 as well as Dillinger 4 and 5 studded, Vanhelga, Nicotine are now back in stock! As well as Maxxis, Surly, Kenda and Vee Rubber FROM $79.99    Prices read more

45n tires

Call for best price From $79.99... PRICES BELOW

Mothers Day!

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From now until Mothers day when you purchase a Ladies 2015 Urbanista classy cruiser from Opus or Linus get a Wicker basket for FREE ! Lots of colours of bikes to choose from! While they last

Linus and Nantucket

Surly Disc Truckers

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The long awaited Surly Long Haul Disc Truckers are back in stock ! This Maroon hauler is ready for any sort of touring you can shake a broom at. They're spec'ed for the trek.

surly trucker 15


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